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Tour the 
Drumheller Valley

Bubba T’s can pick you up at your location in the valley or you can meet us at the World's Biggest Dinosaur where your tour begins.


From here we start our adventure heading to the Homestead Antique Museum where you can immerse yourself in the ingenuity and perseverance of the homesteaders who came with nothing - to make a living in a new land. The museum displays a comprehensive collection of their wares—more than 10,000 antiques. Then travelling through Drumheller and heading East toward the Atlas Coal Mine, we'll stop at the The Hoodoos and the little ghost town of Dorothy where you will have ample time to get out and explore and surround yourself in the beauty and history of the Drumheller Valley. 


Arriving at the Atlas Coal Mine (admission included) you will be taken on

a 45-minute guided tour of the last coal mine to end operation in the

valley - and the only one to remain standing. After your guided tour, you

will have plenty of time to wander the grounds and experience life as a

hardworking coal miner during the rush of the coal mining days in the

early 1900’s.


Back on-board Bubba T’s Bus we will cross over the 11 bridges of Wayne, leading us to the historical Last Chance Saloon in the village of Wayne, Alberta. Here you will have the opportunity to grab some lunch and a

beverage at the original saloon built back in the early 1900’s. Great food options are available and you can take in the scenery of the famous Last Chance Saloon with numerous relics, stories

and yes, even original bullet holes in the walls. If you would like, you can

also pack a lunch that you can store on the bus and enjoy while we stop

in this amazing little village (must provide your own cooler). Next time

you are in the area take the opportunity to book a room at the attached

Rosedeer Hotel where they say the third floor is shut off to the public

because it is said to be haunted!!!


Leaving Wayne we will head back to Drumheller where we will stop and 

give you the chance to walk around the beautiful downtown area.

Explore the many local shops or sit at an outdoor patio enjoying a beverage or an ice cream. It is also a perfect chance to get photos with all the dinosaur statues spread throughout the downtown core.


After finishing up downtown, heading West,  our next stop

is the site of the Badlands Passion Play. You will see where

the hills come alive in Canadas largest amphitheater -

home to The Greatest Story Ever Told. Badlands Passion

Play has performed the story of Christ for over 30 seasons.

This amphitheater is also home to many outdoor concerts

held throughout the summer months.


Back in Bubba T’s bus we head next to Orkney viewpoint

where we will stop for you to get some beautiful pictures while you look down on the Red Deer River as it flows through the Drumheller Valley. The Bleriot Ferry is where we cross the

Red Deer River just like the pioneers did back in the early days. This

ferry commissioned in 1913 and built by Andre Bleriot was the provider

of an essential transport service at the time. The short ferry ride lets us

continue our tour as we head to the opposite side of the valley. After

we cross the river, we head to the Little Church - a tourist stop in the

valley that is a must see as it is rumored to sit 10,000 people….only 7

at a time!

Once finished here we head back to the World's Largest Dinosaur, where reluctantly our tour has come to an end. Bubba T’s Bus will take you back to where your adventure began and leave you with the memories of an amazing day in the Drumheller Valley.

Atlas Coal mine tour.jpg
Last Chance Saloon Waybe.jpg

Tour Prices

  • Adults                                   $89.99+tax

  • Child (5-17 Years Old)        $69.99+tax

  • Senior (Over 65)                  $69.99+tax

  • Infant (Under 5)                   Free

*Prices include admission to Atlas Coal Mine and Antique

Homestead Museum

Tour Schedule

  • June 26th - September 4th 

  • Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays

  • 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Tour Info

  • 11 Destinations

  • Air Conditioned Mini Bus

  • Complimentary Water

  • Tour Pick-Up and Drop off at the Worlds Largest Dinosaur OR at Your Location in the Valley

to reserve your tour

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