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Here are some of the most common questions we get - If you have other questions please get in touch

  • How many seats does the bus have?
    Bubba T's Mini Bus "Molly" is equipped with 21 seats.
  • Does the bus have air conditioning?
    Yes, Bubba T's Tour bus is equipped with air conditioning to ensure a comfortable trip around the valley.​
  • Is the bus wheelchair accessible?
    No, unfortunately our current Tour Bus is not wheelchair accessible. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to provide a wheelchair accessible option in the future!
  • Does the bus have seatbelts?
    Yes, our Tour Bus is equipped with seatbelts for each individual seat to ensure a safe trip around the valley.
  • Is the bus insured?
    Yes, Bubba T's Bus Tours is a fully licensed and insured business.
  • Are the tours pet friendly?
    No - unfortunately we do not allow pets on our tours. Only service animals.
  • Where do I get picked up?
    Our Tour Guide will pick up patrons at their specific location in the valley up to an hour before the official tour start. All tours begin at the World's Largest Dinosaur where you can be picked up briefly before the Tour Start time.
  • What tour is more "kid" friendly?
    Both Tours are great for all ages. Our West Tour includes a feature stop at Barney's Adventure Park - Drumheller's newest premiere attraction built for kids but enjoyed by all ages.
  • Does the tour include admission to all stops?
    The East Tour will include admission to The Atlas Coal Mine and the East Coulee School Museum, including a 45 minute guided tour at The Atlas Coal Mine. ​ The West Tour includes admission into the Antique Homestead Museum and a three hour stop at one of two feature locations. Patrons can choose between spending 3 hours and Barneys Adventure Park OR The Royall Tyrell Museum. Admission will be included at both options. ​
  • How long is the tour?
    Bubba T's West and East Tours are both 7 hours.
  • What is the cancellation policy for our tour?
    All tours cancelled 48 hours before the tour begins will be issued a full refund. Tours cancelled within 48 hours of booking are non-refundable. ***All tours cancelled due to inclement weather will be issued a full refund.
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