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West Tour

Drumheller, Alberta

Bubba T’s will pick you up at your location in the valley or you can meet us at the World’s Largest Dinosaur where your West tour begins. Our West tour begins with us crossing over the Gordon Taylor Bridge as we head to the Homestead Museum (admission included). While here you can wander the site of the Homestead Museum and take in all the history before your eyes of what life was like back in the early pioneer days of the Drumheller Valley. Lots to see, from old farm machinery, cars, furniture, musical instruments and so much more. From here we head back to downtown Drumheller where you will have time to explore the beauty of the many downtown shops, patios where you can enjoy an ice cream or your favorite beverage. This also gives you the opportunity to get those special photos with all the dinosaurs scattered throughout the downtown core. Heading West our next stop is at the site of the Badlands Passion Play. Here, you will see where the hills come alive in Canadas largest Amphitheater. Home to the Greatest Story ever told. Badlands Passion Play has performed this story of Christ for over 30 seasons. Truly, one of the best shows you won’t want to miss. This amphitheater is also home to many outdoor concerts held throughout the summer months. Back in Bubba T’s bus we head next to Orkney viewpoint where we will stop for you to get some beautiful pictures as you stand above the Red Deer River as it flows through the Drumheller Valley. To the Bleriot Ferry next, is where we cross the Red Deer River just like the pioneers did back in the early days. This ferry commissioned in 1913 and built by Andre Bleriot was the provider of an essential transport service at the time. This short ferry ride lets us continue our tour as we head to the opposite side of the valley. Just before our feature stops, we make one more stop at the Horsethief Canyon where like the Orkney viewpoint you get a chance for some amazing photo opportunities. This site is where they say Horsethief Canyon is named after outlaws who hid their stolen horses more than 100 years ago. At this point - patrons can choose which of the two feature stops they would like to spend the next 3 hours. Option A: Barney's Adventure Park - Drumheller's newest attraction, built for kids BUT enjoyed by everyone. Option B: The Royal Tyrell Museum - take in the incredible history of the Mesozoic Era and learn all about the dinosaurs and  other forms of life from millions of years before us. ​Pack your own lunch (cooler can be stored on the bus) if you would like, as you are welcome to bring in your own food and beverage, or you can purchase lunch and beverages at the food concessions on site at each of our feature stops. ​After our feature stops, we will hop back on Bubba T’s Bus and head to the Little Church. A tourist stop in the valley that is a must see as it is rumored to sit 10,000 people…. only 7 at a time!!! Once finished here we head back to Drumheller, where reluctantly our West tour has come to an end. Bubba T’s Bus will take you back to where our adventure began in the morning, and you can sit back and relax after an exciting day of seeing the West side of the Drumheller Valley. Hopefully our friendship does not end here, and you are interested in seeing the rest of the valley on our Bubba T’s East tour, where you will see what life was like back in the days as a coal miner. Ask your tour guide for more information about Bubba T’s EAST tour.

  • Adults                                      $79.00

  • Child (5-17 Years Old)           $75.00

  • Senior (Over 65)                     $60.00

  • Infant (Under 5)                      $30.00

*Prices include admission to Barneys Adventure Park or the Royal Tyrell Museum.
Admission for the Homestead Museum is also included.

Duration: 7 Hours

Feature Stop: Barney's Adventure Park or The Royal Tyrell Museum


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